Organic Mamra Almonds

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Avanti Kundalia
My day begins with these!!!

Introducing EGA's organic mamra almonds into my daily diet has been the best thing ever. Along with a few others of EGA's organic nuts - just 5 soaked almonds a day add so much nutrition and satiety to the first meal of my every day. Robust in taste and perfectly crunchy the quality of these almonds is top notch! Have been on them for over a year now and do not intend to stop!

Good for my salad

I soaked the almonds overnight and peel off the skin. Good for salad and making it as almond milk.

Quality Product

The first time I tried these almonds. It has good quality.



Organic Mamra Almonds

Product details

EGA Organic Mamra almonds are loaded with Nutrition and good fats. Almonds have enormous health benefits:

  • Almonds are known to enhance memory
  • Studies have shown that almonds increase vitality or ojas
  • Almonds are helpful in overcoming Vata imbalances like Neuralgia, Paralysis, Constipation, Bloating.
  • Almonds build Muscles and increase strength.

The best way to eat almonds is by soaking them overnight and peeling them in the morning before consumption. According to Ayurveda, eating almonds this way reduces pitta (heat) aggravation and makes them more digestible. Almonds are also called "Vatama" in Ayurveda, due to their sweet and warming quality, which reduces aggravated vata dosha.

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