Organic fresh Indian Turmeric-250 gm

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Monica Patel
Organic Fresh Turmeric

Excellent quality turmeric. Now I know where to find it. Thank you, Ega.

Always super fresh and delicious

Repeat purchaser! I use it in meals and to make Balinese jamu to boost immunity.

Organic fresh Indian Turmeric

Fresh and nicely packaged in paper carton box. Good taste and good value!

David Pan
Great organic tumeric

I ate them like carrots delicious Sia

Organic fresh Indian Turmeric-250 gm

Product details

We have our own farm in Kerala where it is grown and harvested under these conditions.Turmeric needs a lot of natural rainfall for cultivation, it grows in areas which have at least 200+ days of rains a year. Best turmeric comes from farms on foot hills where the rains bring down a lot of minerals with the rain water for the turmeric to have the medicinal value. It is grown organic without use of pesticides or fertilizers. Turmeric should never be exposed to sunlight or heat as per Vedic texts and it has to be harvested at night and dried in shade because of which it takes more than 30 days to dry.

Where to buy:
Available @ EGA Wellness Ayurveda online and in stores (Cluny Court & Forum Mall) in Singapore.


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