Oil Pulling [Sesame, Clove, Turmeric]

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Refreshing Ritual

My teeth feel cleaner, and my breath fresher throughout the day. Additionally, I appreciate that this oil is made with natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals or artificial additives.While I'm still in the early stages of using this product, I'm optimistic about the potential long-term benefits it may offer for my oral hygiene. With continued use, I look forward to further improvements in my overall dental health.

Oil pulling

I love anything hygiene and dental related and as a long time yoga practitioner I thought of following the advise of one of my teachers. I just started so lets see. So far so good.

Tanya Singh
Oil pulling review

Great product. No after taste

Oil Pulling [Sesame, Clove, Turmeric]

Product details

Oil Pulling is a time tested practice of Ayurvedic mouthwash. Our mouth supports a microbiome of close to 600 species of bacteria. Many of these good bacteria support the functioning of a healthy oral cavity. But many strains cause bad breath, coat taste buds preventing good digestion and may lead to other oral & overall health issues.

Simply take one tablespoon of EGA Oil Pulling oil in your mouth on an empty stomach. Swish around the oil in your mouth for 20 mins to gently draw out the toxins from the oral cavity. The bacteria get adhered to the fat molecules of the oil and by the act of oil pulling get flushed out while spitting out the oil. Brush and floss as usual after this.

Our EGA Ayurvedic oil pulling recipe is 100% natural made from Sesame oil, Cloves, Turmeric, Long pepper, Cinnamon and 27 other ingredients.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Oil Pulling:
Cleans taste buds
Activates salivary glands
Improves digestion
Freshens breath
Supports whiter teeth
Helps strengthen teeth and gums
Relives jaw pain and headaches
Supports cavity and gingivitis prevention

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