General Guidelines for Healthy Lifestyle

  1. First rule and most important is to eat freshly cooked meal only, no breads, biscuits, packaged foods of any kind.
  2. Don’t mix cooked and uncooked foods.
  3. No tea or coffee on empty stomach before meals, with meals and not till 2 hours after meals.
  4. No milk or dairy products.
  5. Digestion works with the sun, it gets very weak in the evening, have only soup or easy to digest foods, strictly no Wheat, Rice or Meat for dinner.
  6. Eat light breakfast within one hour of waking up before 8am, lunch by 1pm, dinner by 6pm and sleep on time by 10pm.
  7. Strictly 3 meals in a day, don’t eat between meals, give 4 hours for digestion before putting anything in mouth after a meal except water.
  8. Don’t drink water for 1.5 hrs after meals, after that keep sipping warm water every 15 mins between meals.
  9. Fast regularly once a week to detox and to give rest to the digestive system best is water fast or a juice fast.
  10. Eat one meal of fresh seasonal fruits a day. either breakfast or dinner. Mono fruit only, no mixing fruits.

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